Examples of work

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Leather Clothing

A new zip fitted to a loved jacket.

A nicely styled and made torn 'leather' 'Jaeger' jacket made wearable again.

Sharp finger nails had been the ruin of the stitching in these Dents leather driving gloves, but that was soon remedied.

An Armani jacket in need of a new zip. It wasn't a real Armani, but it is a very nice jacket, and well worth fitting a new zip to.

A splendid motorcycle jacket that wanted a new zip because it was missing a tooth, and a light clean.

A well worn leather hat cleaned and treated 'ultra leather protection' to let the good quality leather show through.

A vintage sheepskin jacket (almost as old as me) with three new metal 'fur hook eyes' fitted to replace the original broken plastic versions.

Leather Furniture

Repaired seam and re-instated decorative stitching in some expensive foam and feather filled cushions.

An armchair with a semi analine micro pigmented buffed surface (a leather with a lovely soft warm feel) that required cleaning, stain removal and colour restoration as this type of leather finds the usual rough and tumble of daily life a bit of struggle. I also fitted a new top panel to the border where the gentlemans hair gel and body oils had destroyed the surface beyond repair.

The transformation of a 'Stress Recliner' and matching footstool from a chair banished to a backroom, into a loved chair allowed back in front of the fire in the front room.

A grand two seat sofa cleaned and protected for the owners of the house and their dog. The cleaning process helps to restore the colour of the leather and 'tighten' it up to give a better fit again to the cushion interiors.

A well used footrest on a recliner chair repaired and allowed back into the sitting room.

Leather Bags

A Marc Jacobs taupe handbag cleaned and biro mark removed: " You did an amazing job. I am wearing it with pride today!"

One lovely Mulberry hand bag with a broken turn clasp. A new one fitted, a clean up and some of the edges re-coloured

A lovely shoulder bag with a very flappy flap on the outer pocket carefully stitched back to the bag.

A gorgeous handbag that has become a little 'undone' and worn over time - restored to its former glory.

An overnight duffle bag, very nice but in need of a clean and a few stitches.

A Marc Jacobs bag - breathing new life into it by having the handle stitched up and the bag cleaned.

A vintage Italian handbag in need of a little care.

HiDesign handbag, new main zip fitted and missing leather pull replaced, a clean and touch up in a few places so its 'history' isn't lost.


Zips added to boots to make them easier to get on and off.

Zips replaced in fashion and riding boots to match or improve on those taken out. If required you can also use the way the new zip is put back in to widen the boot at the calf.

Shoe and slipper seams re-stitched.

Car Interiors

A seam restitched.

Even Bentley cars have problems, OK so it is only the carpet from the driver and passengers footwell and it is a vintage motor...

Equestrian tack repairs

Repairs to the bridle and other parts of the leather in the tack. Buckles, clips and rings replaced, re-stitching and alterations.


A cleaned and restored vintage Premier kick drum calf skin.

A jewellery box made by a lady's grandfather for his wife-to-be. The original green baize lining to the tray and interior had fallen to pieces and the current owner wanted it re-lined with a soft 'duck egg' coloured sheepskin leather. The mitred secret dovetail joints had failed because there was no stay to stop the lid opening all the way through so I fitted 'stay' hinges.