Guide prices

A sad 'man bag' restored to a 'sac a couche' worthy of stuffing full of Euros.

The following prices are for guidance. A quotation can be obtained by presenting the item to Stephen or by emailing - - a photograph of the item and the damage that requires repairing with as much information as possible about what caused the problem.

Jacket, coats and trousers - replace main full length zip £40.00
- repair a tear £25.00
- replace the interior face of a collar £50.00
- sew on badges and buttons £6.00
- fit new or replacement snap poppers £6.00
- fit new zip for fly, leg, cuff or pocket £40.00
- shorten sleeves or trouser legs £30.00
- re-stitch seams £15.00
Bags and cases - supply and fit new handles £40.00
- supply and fit new locks or latches £45.00
Boots - fit a new zip £2.60 per inch (25mm) of zip with a minimum charge of £25.00
Furniture - repair a hole £50.00
- if the hole needs filling and colouring £80.00
- clean an armchair £100.00
- remove ink mark
  • if the mark is less than 24 hours old
  • If the mark is older and large then a re-colour will be required

- removal of dye transfer from £30
- removal of body grease or oils - the success of this process depends on the quantity and age. from £20